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May 15th, 2006 (03:19 pm)

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Hello again. I know I have said, like, the last three times that I've posted (which spans like a year) that I would update more, but I just don't find the right times, and when I do, the computer lab I use, sometimes just spazzes out or whatever. And I do have A LOT I could say, I just feel conscious about writing it all out here. I mean, duh, I know it's a journal, but I can't even write some of the stuff I want to say, or to get out, in my own personal journals, like with a pen or whatever.

But anyway, a little update. Since I haven't updated much, I'm guessing that you, Otis (my journal), did not know I went to Florida for four whole months, with work. I am still with the same boss I was with when I started, and now I am grooming four horses. As of today I've had four for five days or so. I had two off and on for like 6 weeks. It's still pretty hard and I have a lot more to learn, but I am not being as hard on myself as I was, not letting the lectures get to me as much as I was. I just know my foreman doesn't like me so I can't take what he says too hard or to my heart. I am still working on how I react to things. Yeah. STILL. It's a bitch. I being soooo sensitive, but sometimes I like it because I know I have compassion and I never get snappy with people or anything. But I still love my job. I just need, like I said, to change my attitude on certain things.

I have also lost quite a bit of weight since I got this job. Maybe like 55 pounds or so, and everybody says nice things about that now. Even my dad noticed and he never says anything about that.

Also last year, last summer, I got an apartment, which I still pay on, but only until July. I was also paying on it when I was in Florida. Yeah, heh. But anyway, I'm not living in it now. I'm living at the track, to save up my money and stuff. I want to get a car and stuff on down the road.

So if anyone else who reads this has any questions or whatever they want to know from me, you can ask because I missed a lot of stuff.

Hopefully I'll update again in the next week or so.