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April 12th, 2005 (02:08 pm)

So, LJ has kept me logged out for like ever, which is why I haven't updated as much, because it's just too much of a hassle to deal with logging in 3 times in a row just to update. It's bull.

Anyway, not much has happened, just been working and what not. I've been kind of lonely, well, really lonely. Hopefully within the next couple months that will go away once I get to know more people (hopefully I get to know more people), I would really like that.

I was off today, and I think I may go outside later. I need to take my mind off of things. I shouldn't be so depressed, but like I said, I'm just really lonely. I mean, I feel lonely a lot, it just seems like moreso now, like when I am home alone and stuff. I don't know. Like I said, hopefully this will change after a while.

That's all for now.

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April 7th, 2005 (01:10 pm)

So yeah.

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Leadership ||||||||||||||| 42%
Provocativeness |||||||||||| 38%
Self-Disclosure |||||||||||| 38%
Talkativeness ||||||||||||||| 50%
Group Attachment ||||||||||||||| 50%
Extroversion ||||||||||||||| 42%
Understanding ||||||||||||||||||||| 66%
Warmth |||||||||||||||||| 58%
Morality |||||||||||||||||||||||| 74%
Pleasantness |||||||||||||||||| 58%
Empathy |||||||||||||||||| 54%
Cooperation ||||||||||||||||||||| 66%
Sympathy ||||||||||||||||||||| 62%
Tenderness ||||||||||||||||||||| 66%
Nurturance ||||||||||||||||||||| 66%
Friendliness ||||||||||||||||||||| 63%
Conscientiousness ||||||||||||||||||||| 66%
Efficiency ||||||||||||||||||||| 62%
Dutifulness ||||||||||||||||||||| 62%
Purposefulness |||||||||||||||||| 54%
Organization |||||||||||||||||| 58%
Cautiousness ||||||||||||||| 50%
Rationality |||||||||||||||||| 58%
Perfectionism |||||||||||||||||| 58%
Planning |||||||||||||||||| 58%
Orderliness |||||||||||||||||| 58%
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Happiness ||||||||| 30%
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Ingenuity ||||||||||||||||||||| 62%
Reflection |||||||||||||||||||||||| 74%
Competence ||||||||||||||||||||| 66%
Quickness ||||||||||||||| 50%
Introspection |||||||||||||||||| 58%
Creativity |||||||||||||||||| 54%
Imagination |||||||||||||||||| 58%
Depth |||||||||||||||||| 58%
Openmindedness ||||||||||||||||||||| 61%
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Poise 30% uneasy around others socially comfortable
Leadership 42% stays in background prefers to lead
Provocativeness 38% modest, plays it safe bold, uninhibited, cocky
Self-Disclosure 38% private, contained very open and revealing
Talkativeness 50% quiet, stealthy, invisible motor mouth, loud
Group Attachment 50% loves solitude prefers to be with others
Understanding 66% insensitive, schizoid respectful, sympathetic
Warmth 58% disinterested in others supportive, helpful
Morality 74% break/ignore the rules play by the rules
Pleasantness 58% aloof or disagreeable gets along with others
Empathy 54% out of tune w/ others in tune with others
Cooperation 66% competitive, warlike agreeable, peaceful
Sympathy 62% socially inconsiderate socially conscious
Tenderness 66% cold hearted, selfish warm hearted, selfless
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Dutifulness 62% leisurely, derelict strict, rule abiding
Purposefulness 54% inattentive, undisciplined prepared, focused
Organization 58% relaxed, oblivious detail oriented, anal
Cautiousness 50% impulsive, spendthrift restrained, cautious
Rationality 58% irrational, random direct, logical
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Stability 42% easily frustrated calm, cool, unphased
Happiness 30% unhappy, dissatisfied self content, positive
Calmness 54% touchy, volatile even tempered, tolerant
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Toughness 38% hypersensitive, moody thick skinned
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Cool-headedness 46% demanding, controlling accommodating
Tranquility 38% emotionally volatile emotionally neutral
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Ingenuity 62% lacks new ideas innovative, novel
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Depth 58% lacks curiosity mental explorer

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April 4th, 2005 (02:38 pm)

current mood: blah

So tomorrow I have the day off. Wee! I'm pretty glad, my feet need a break.

I definately need new shoes. I tried on some last night at K-Mart, and they were sooooo comfortable. Of course I didn't have socks on, if that makes a difference. They had no laces and they were water resistant I think. They were like $23 or something.

I don't really have anything else to say right now. Well I do, but I'm not going to I guess.

I really wish I didn't have to worry about other people. I mean worry in the bad way. Worrying about the assholes.

I can't believe it is only 2:45. It feels like 6:00 or something.

Anyway, later.

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Pope, yo

April 1st, 2005 (05:03 pm)

Jerrica Benton85: cammie is crying to let into my room
Icey421: lmaoooooooo
Jerrica Benton85: but she always makes it messier! and wants to color on everything
Icey421: tell the little bitch to go away!
Jerrica Benton85: she did
Icey421: no body messes wit mah boo yo
Jerrica Benton85: not even teh Pres
Icey421: not even da bush man
Icey421: the pope is dying
Icey421: i think his husband removed his feeding tube LOLZ
Jerrica Benton85: lol that's meeean!
Icey421: omg....
Icey421: wouldnt it be totally awesome if the vatican was pulling an april fools joke?
Jerrica Benton85: LOL
Jerrica Benton85: omg. hahah
Icey421: and the pope was like 'IM STILL ALIVE I FOOLED YOU LOLZZ' and did a backflip
Jerrica Benton85: a total april fools
Icey421: and they'd be all 'you catholicz is whack. niggas cant take a joke'
Icey421: i'd pay good money to see the pope do a backflip
Jerrica Benton85: hahah
Icey421: and started doing some club dances, it would be great if that the game song 'this is how we do' was playng in the background
Icey421: and even greater if he was wearing his sean john pimp gear
Jerrica Benton85: hahah. :X .

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I'm Rick James Bitch!

March 28th, 2005 (03:41 pm)

I'M SO FUCKING HxC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alex [userpic]

(no subject)

March 27th, 2005 (06:45 pm)

A convo between boos, that I forgot to add in one of the last 2 entries.

Icey421: i'm going to try to go to sleep by *:** my time. because i have to get up at *:**
Jerrica Benton85: YAY!
Jerrica Benton85: job work!
Icey421: yes!!! lol
Icey421: A money is gettin a jizzle for rizzle.

Icey421: lmaoaoaooa
Jerrica Benton85: what does that mean
Icey421: job haha
Jerrica Benton85: hahah
Icey421: jizz is a cooler word for semen
Jerrica Benton85: a jizzle for mizzle
Jerrica Benton85: to buy your boo more shizzle
Icey421: you know it bizzle
Icey421: i keep it rizzle
Jerrica Benton85: hahaha fo'shizzle
Icey421: *is too lame for words*
Icey421: did you have easter dinner?
Icey421: lupita sounds so adorable btw
Jerrica Benton85: she is. but she can be teh deveel too
Icey421: I will give her teh mikeel jacksone treatment if she fucks with mah boo
Icey421: LMAO LEET AND GHETTO in one sentance
Icey421: where is my award
Jerrica Benton85: LOL
Jerrica Benton85: the first time ever.
Icey421: EXACTLY
Icey421: teh niggaz don't want to be pwned by this homegirl

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March 27th, 2005 (06:27 pm)

So I got up at 7:20 am this morning. And have been tired as hell ever since. Turfway and all after was absolutely awesome, even though after only 3 hours of sleep or so, I got to bed late. It was one of the first times in a long time I felt really good, and liked and all of that. And everything is going well for me as of right now. I mean, it must be too good to be true almost. I'm so scared that it is.

I called Vangnessa yesterday at Turfway and was talking to her little sister just as a latino jockey passed, lol...I said 'te amo' which means I love you. LOLOLOL.

Anyway, so I got some photos developed today (it was a 10th roll free thing, so it was free), and it had some pictures of Bubbles and Teeba in it. Teeba was a little baby in them! She was sooooo adorable, I forgot how much. I miss her. My next cat is gonna be Lafawnduh though. Hopefully she'll be half as cute as Teeba. Or he. Either way it's going to be Lafawnduh.

As for Easter, it was nonexistant. I don't know if the family had anything, though. My grandma told me the other day probably not, as my aunt and uncle have to move. Which sucks.

I really have nothing else that is productive to say right now, except for the fact I'm going to WORK!!!!!

Until next time love Alex xoxoxololollmaoljmsnbcxoxoxo

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March 26th, 2005 (12:18 am)

I am SOOOOOOOOOO happy right now. But SO skeptical.

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(no subject)

March 25th, 2005 (03:36 am)

So I'm sleeping odd hours again. Fuck it all. I hope I can stay up until like 7 today, or go to bed for like 2-3 hours and then go back to bed at a good hour.

I'm in a good mood now because I have 3 cokes less instead of just one. *hugs coke*.

So I downloaded that excel like file last night (Mary, lightson, suggested it to me on tbc, but I didn't at first, because it said 7 hours). It took 6 hours, but it was worth it pretty much because I can write in this excel file.

So some quizzes and stuff under the cut. I really have nothing else I want to say on here right now. Or stuff I feel I can say on here. So yeah.

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Tee mobo.

March 22nd, 2005 (01:49 am)

Mmmm OMFG I want a Sidekick SOOOOOOOOO BAD.